Extreme Fat Loss Diet Plan

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Extreme Fat Loss Diet Plan

Many people are of the opinion that losing weight is really difficult. However, did you know that losing weight is not as difficult as it seems if you follow the extreme weight loss diet plan? This is a new diet plan that has been gaining great popularity which is safe and effective

Any new meal plan for good amount of weight loss should abide by calorie restriction and controlling your portion intake.hee is a sample of extreme fat loss diet plan that you can follow in order to lose weight.

Reducing your calorie

The basic thing that you need to do is reduce your calorie intake in a day. A woman requires 1200 calories in a day to stay well and a man needs 1500 calories. Follow this meal plan for a perfect figure in 25 days. This meal plan will help you reduce 750 Gms of calorie in a day

Breakfast- a Bowl of Oats, apple, walnuts and honey

Midday meal- You can have a protein bar to fill up your tummy if you are too hungry

Lunch- Try having 2 flat breads along with some pulses, stir fried vegetables, and two slices of chicken or mutton. You can finish it off with a bowl of yogurt.

Snacks- have a cup of green tea, or some fresh fruit juice along with two crackers spread with Jam or peanut butter

Dinner-Dinner can be concluded with pieces of bread, a bowl of vegetables and again two slices of chicken

Try out this new diet plan and see the new you

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