The One Day Super Diet

The One day super diet plan for weight loss

The One Day Super Diet

Did you know that a One day diet is enough to make you lose around a couple of pounds? The One day super diet plan is low in calories, and is designed to be satisfying as well. Let us see a sample menu plan for this diet.

On the day you plan to diet, choose one breakfast, lunch and dinner from the sample plan and make it a total of 1200 calories in a day. Use the required spices but avoid carbonated drinks

  • Breakfast

Cornflakes or oatmeal’s along with grapefruit, cherries, blueberries/ 2 whole grain waffles which is topped with low fat plain yogurt/sliced strawberries and raspberries, Fruit and Yogurt salad with no granola.

  • Lunch

Sandwich with two turkey breasts, mozzarella cheese, and 2 teaspoons of light mayonnaise, baby corn, spinach and broccoli salad /a cup of green salad sprinkled with salt and pepper, light yogurt with fat free milk, seasoned rice with vinegar/cucumber and Olive Oil mixture/chicken and vegetable soup, lentil soup, Pasta salad with vegetables, tossed spinach, zucchini, and broccoli/ Salad with low fat dressing

  • Dinner

Fish Ole made of fish fillet, baked potatoes./broccoli sprinkled with salt and paper/ plain yogurt/ One table spoon of parmesan cheese along with grilled steak and fruit salad/ Shrimp and Pasta with vegetables/Honey and Mustard chicken, asparagus spears, chicken flavored brown rice.

If you are hungry in the middle, try out protein bars, smoothies or crunch on nuts like almonds and you would easily lose weight if you follow this meal plan regularly

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