Calorie Calculation

Making use of our free calorie calculation tool you can learn how much calorie you need to take daily by and choose a diet schedule accordingly. Furthermore, you are able to follow your by means of calorie sheet and see your monthly statistics after learning the daily calorie need.

Calorie Need

Calorie need differs from a person to another and consist of 3 groups including basal metabolism, the consumed energy, and the used up energy of nutrition during digestion. The most important factor in calculating the calorie need is the speed of basal metabolism.

Basal metabolism speed means the calorie amount that we use when we do no activity and having rest.

Basal metabolism speed is an important factor determining how much weight will the person who wants to thin out lose. Basal metabolism speed is affected by the factors like gender, genes, age, height, sports and nutrition. You can raise the basal metabolism speed and the daily calorie need. So, how do we calculate the daily calorie need?

Daily Calorie Need Calculation

As I mentioned above, daily calorie need differs from a person to another. The one who has more activity needs more calorie and the other who has less activity needs less calorie.

On the Harris-Benedict system has been used to calculate daily calorie need.

You can learn your ideal weight and the daily calorie need to reach your ideal weight in 3 months. You can learn your daily calorie need and the calorie you have taken daily on calorie schedule choosing what you have eaten if you wish. Besides you are to learn what costs how much calorie.

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