Most Common Cancer Types that Develop in Women

The most common cancer type that develops in women is breast cancer without question. The breast cancer which is observed every one of eight women on average is the one that has the highest rate of staying alive with early diagnosis.

Most Common Cancer Types that Develop in Women

Breast cancer leads the types of cancer that develop in women. Breast cancer is a type that the person can check and notice on her own. Therefore women can often check themselves and notice the existence of this cancer earlier, which helps treatment to start earlier and to get over the cancer in a shorter period. The most significant signs of breast cancer are: aching and change in breast, color and texture changes on skin and ruined nipple appearance.

Another one of the cancer types that develop in women is colon cancer. The cancer also develops in man, mostly develops in women and the signs can be listed as: Blood in excrement, stomach ache, abnormal excrement appearance, digestion problems, constant tiredness, excessive weight loss without a reason, diarrhea and waking up very often at nights.

Third one of the cancer types that develop in women is endometrial cancer in other words gynecologic or uterus cancer. Women can notice this cancer earlier by making gynecologic examination regularly. Weight losses out of explanation, vaginal secretion, pelvic aches, nonstop tiredness and period disorder are the signs of endometrial cancer.

The other type of cancer develop in women is lung cancer caused by tobacco. The rate of the risk of lung cancer increases to 80% for the people who smokes or stays in a smoking place. Due to the fact, quitting smoking or getting away from the smoking place is the easiest way to avoid lung cancer. Constant cough, tiredness, respiratory problems, hemoptysis, weight loss and snoring at nights are the signs of lung cancer.

Skin cancer is also takes place in the list of the cancer types that develop in women. To avoid skin cancer it is supposed not to stay over under the exposure of the Sun. Sun cream practices on the skin can reduce the harms that come from the sun.

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