1350 Calorie a Day Diet

1350 calories to a best body

1350 Calorie a Day Diet

The 1350 calorie a day diet I a great way to stop your regular cravings of food .It features food products that would help you to feel full and satiated after having them so that you crave for no more.

The benefits of the 1350 calorie diet

The 1350 diet will stop your food cravings and well make you feel satisfied with what you are having. You also get to have 25 grams of slimming fiber per day. You just need to pick out a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack package each day. If you stick to this diet plan for five weeks then you can lose up to 15 pounds per day

A sample meal plan

  • Breakfast (Should be 300 calories and not more)

Scrambled eggs with vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, cilantro leaves/ Peanut butter toast/wheat tortilla wrapped in salsa sauce/diced fruits/whole grain cereals or oats/tropical fresh fruit smoothies/Overnight oatmeal

  • Lunch( 400 calories and not more)

Roasted vegetable sandwich/grilled chicken with Avocado/Tuna salad/ Chicken Parm/Strawberry and banana wrap/healthy chefs green salads/Turkey or chicken burgers/ Barley stuffed pepper

  • Snacks – 150 calories

Corn tortillas/ green salad or smoothies/ walnuts, almonds, wheat crackers/Hershey’s dark chocolate

  • Dinner- 500 calories

Pork stir fried with green vegetables and tortilla sauce, steal salad, Pastas/ Honey mustard salmon, whole wheat Pastas,             fruit salads with yogurt/baked continental potatoes, Greek Quinoa with shrimp, asparagus and broccoli.

Follow this meal plan for a week and feel slimmer and trimmer

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