Healthy Weight Loss Diet

A sample diet plan for healthy weight loss

Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight can sometimes be a real daunting task and when it is ultimately accomplished you would be on top of the world. So how does the healthy weight loss plan help you to lose weight? This is a guide to the same

A healthy diet plan can help you to lose weight in a sustained manner. This includes fruits, vegetables, protein, less of carbohydrate and nutritious food that would help you to lose weight faster

Here is a sample diet chart that you can follow every day for healthy weight loss

7 AM- Try a lemon Juice in warm water along with honey. This can be chewed along with raw ginger

8AM- Have breakfast made with Oats or cereals topped with a spoonful of flax seeds, a banana and a glass of milk

10.30 AM- You can munch on some walnuts and some almonds

1PM- A bowl of fresh salad sprinkled with salt, pepper and Olive Oil will do you good. You can also have some brown rice along with stir fried vegetables and a slice of lean meat

3PM- if you are too hungry, you can have a cup of yogurt or a glass of fresh juice to fill you up.

5PM- a cup of green tea and two biscuits

7PM- a small bowl of sprouts or some dry fruits

8PM-Cottage cheese, pulses, fresh stir fried vegetables and a flat bread.

1 PM- Finish off the day with a glass of warm milk.

Follow this diet plan to lose weight as soon as possible

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