Medifast Diet Plan

The teen Medifast Diet plan to lose weight

Medifast Diet Plan

Do you have a teenager in your house that has become too plump and would need to lose weight? The Medifast diet plan is one of the most effective diet plans that can help you to lose weight. So what is the Medifast Diet plan all about and how can it help to lose weight?

What is the Medifast diet program?

The teenagers Medifast diet plan has various kinds of regular foods due to their growing years and they tend to cut back on the Medifast products that are eaten all through the day. The teen weight loss program includes three Medifast meals on a per day basis instead of five days. These meals are healthy, nutritious and at the same time good to look at as well.      


  • A bowl of Oatmeal with a banana and milk

Mid Morning

  • A cup of hot drink


  • Grilled shrimps-7 oz
  • Green salads with lettuce, beetroots broccoli and greens- 2 cups
  • Low carbohydrate dressing

Mid afternoon

  • A fresh fruit drink


  • 2 pieces of grilled chicken breasts
  • 2 cups of baby spinach, half cup of fresh mushroom and tomatoes


  • Pudding made with 1 cup of skimmed milk and less sugar

This sample meal plan will help you to reduce weight. Eat every 2-3 hours to keep yourself full and if you are hungry, try a healthy snack like fruit yogurts, baked potatoes or wheat pastas. Also ensure that you have a balanced serving of protein, green leafy vegetables and healthy fats as well. Follow this diet plan for three days and you are sure to lose weight.

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