Necessary Nourishments for Healthy Skin

Many people buy cosmetics for healthy skin. You can have a healthy skin with regular and healthy nutrition rather that spending money on these cosmetics.

Necessary Nourishments for Healthy Skin

There are some vitamins and minerals that need to be taken regularly for healthy skin. When these vitamins and minerals are not taken regularly or taken excessively, the skin responses and shows some signs like fat deposition, drying and acnes.

You are supposed to know the nourishments that you need to take for a healthy skin. For example, nourishment including zinc is a nourishment that the people who have acne problems are certainly supposed to consume. Acne is a skin problem that is seen in the people who lacks zinc. Pumpkin seeds, eggs, walnut, ginger, oak and oysters are rich for zinc. Regular consumption of these nourishments provide immune system to strenghten as well as acne problem solved.

Lack of omega 3 causes dry skin, irritation or  black or white spots on skin. There is a need for oil acids for skin flexibility and structure. When the body cannot produce these oil acids, they are needed to be taken from nourishments. Walnut, nut, almond, chickpea, beans, cabbage, brocoli, kiwi, anchovy, mackerel, sardine, salmon and semen lin are the nourishments rich for omega 3.

Skin elasticity is provided by selenium. Selenium supplies skin against the ultraviolet lights causing skin cancer. The nourishments including selenium are salmon, tuna fish, garlic, walnut, eggs, wheat seed, brown rice and whole-grain bread.

It reduces the harm caused by vitamin C and air to the minimum level. Protects from the harmful sun rays by means of vitamin E. There is vitamin C abundance in parsley, collard, red and green bell pepper, radish and brocoli. Vitamin E prevents skin to wrinkle and reduces skin driedness. Vitamin E can be taken from sunflowe seeds, almond, wheatseeds, tomatoes, cabbage, peach, asparagus and avocado. Vitamin A makes skincare by repairing the skin. It helps immune system to strenghten.

When vitamin A is not taken enough, it creates skin peeling and acne problems. To meet the vitamin A need chili pepper, carrot, apricot, collard, watermelon, spinach and liver should be consumed.

If you take these vitamins regularly, you will spend money for cosmetics knowing that cosmetics does not present permanent solutions.

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