Is the website Free of charge?

Yes! caloriedetail.com is completely free of charge. You can access and make use of all the features we share 24/7 for free.

After signing up, you will be able to follow your calorie on Calorie Schedule by selecting what you have eaten and the activities you have done.

Yes! If what you eat is more than your daily calorie need you put on weight, and you lose weight if it is the other way round.

What do members say?

  • I am very pleased with your diets and posts which help me lose weight. My body has almost reached the form that I want in a short time and I am going on my diet. Don’t give up!

    Makayla A...
  • No sports without diets and no diets without sports! I finally got that thanks to you and I am very happy with my new life.

    Christian C...
  • By means of your schedules and posts I am aware of my health now. I advise the web site to whoever wants to lose weight healthy. Don’t waste your time with the other diets and untrue information. I discovered this website after many harmful practices and I feel lucky for discovering finally.

    Alexis O...
  • There is not any diet and sports left that I have not tried. But I can feel that I lose weight after organizing my habits according to your posts. Thank you very much.

    Sydney B...
  • I see that there is no need to spend too much money and diets to death to lose weight. I have realized my mistakes due to your posts. Fortunately I have a healthy nutritive life now.

    Savannah B...


The aim of xcalorie.com is to inform you about your ideal weight, daily calorie you need and how much calorie you get from your diet, and to share and analyze the most popular and healthy diets with you as well as to supply your healthy diet with diet recipes.

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The information on caloriedetail.com only aims to give advices. You would rather see a dietitian if you have excessive weight problem.
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