How many calories in 1 Lb Tahitian Taro?

1 Lb Tahitian Taro

1 Lb Tahitian Taro contains 200 calories. And as nutritional value: It contains 12.66 g of protein, 31.34 g of carbohydrates, 4.4 g of fat. You can consume it in appropriate amount by calculating it according to your Tahitian Taro weight, which takes most of its calories (58%) from carbohydrates. You can easily learn detailed information about the 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product and its nutritional values, and have information about how it should be consumed while dieting.

1 Lb Tahitian Taro is 200 calories. You can consume 200 calorie 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product, which is among the low-calorie products, while dieting. Since 200 calories are low in calories, the 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product can be recommended for those who want to lose weight. It will be great if you do sports while consuming. But the fewer calories you eat, the faster you lose weight.

Does 1 Lb Tahitian Taro Gain Weight?

It would be correct for people who ask if the 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product will make you gain weight, first find out how many calories the 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product has. As you can see at the top, 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product contains 200 calories. According to the 1 Lb Tahitian Taro calorie calculation in the low calorie product group (low calorie product), it does not make you gain weight. If you think that 1 Lb Tahitian Taro won't make you gain weight and we can eat plenty of it, you are wrong. Excess of everything is harmful, excess of any food causes weight gain. You can consume 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product in sufficient amount during the day. According to these results, 1 Lb Tahitian Taro does not gain weight.

What To Do If We Consume 1 Lb Tahitian Taro Product

You have consumed 1 Lb Tahitian Taro products containing 200 calories and you are wondering how to burn it. You are lucky because the 1 Lb Tahitian Taro product is among the low-calorie foods. You can easily burn 200 calories without much difficulty. In the table below, we list how many minutes you need to walk, run or swim.

  • 33 MinsWalk
  • 15 Mins Run
  • 28 Mins Bike
  • 20 Mins Swim

* You will have burn 200 calories off after doing one of the sports above.

Nutritional Values of 1 Lb Tahitian Taro

Calories (kcal)200 kcal
Fat (g)4.4 g
Carbs (g)31.34 g
Protein (g)12.66 g

Calorie breakdown: 18% fat, 58% carbs, 23% protein

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